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The New Road to Wellness ONCE A Month Detox

The original Road to Wellness program was created in 2008 and I described it then as a unique  energetic body cleanse program  based on the sound of vibrational sound of Tibetan bells that is far more effective than the products that you buy in drug stores or health food stores.

This unique program cleansed and detoxed the whole body system, easily and effortlessly over a 28 Day period which is why it was recommended to play it once a month only and we said at the time;  At any moment in your life you are either, moving towards disease or moving towards wellness’.

In restructuring The New Road to Wellness with an energetic frequency overlay in 2020 has taken this unique wellness program to a whole new level.

My suggestions for utilising The New Road to Wellness program is to use

this program once a month ONLY to allow the body to follow a cycle of cleansing individual areas of the body during a 28 day cycle. This recommendation is based on the program having more than 50 different instructions to the body over a 28 day cycle and replaying the program at a lesser time frame may create a healing crisis as the additional playing of the program will be overlaying the first play. A 20 minutes this is a longer program which can be played on low to silent as you go about your day ONCE a month.


The New Road to Wellness ONCE A Month Detox Bonus

The Stress Free and Depression program is another early program, although it was not created to deal with Depression it may be of benefit to what can be layers of ‘anxieties or depressive‘ thoughts or memories’ which may come from your genetic ancestral line as your body ‘detoxes’ layers.

At just over 34 minutes this is a long sound  than can be played on low or silent in the background and is of benefit to all ages.


FAQs (Frequent Asked Questions)

Q 1 How often do I need to play The ‘New Road to Wellness’ MP3 program?

A 1 It is recommend to play The ‘ New Road to Wellness’ MP3 program once a month ONLY, for the rest of your life to keep your body fully detoxed.

Q 2 Can the New ‘Road to Wellness’ MP3 program be played more often than once a month?

A 2 It is NOT recommended to play ‘The ‘New Road to Wellness’ MP3 program more often than once a month as it contains more than 50 individual instruction to the body and these follow a 28 day program.

Q 3 I have played the ‘The ‘Road to Wellness’ MP3 or CD program twice and both times I have got a headache afterwards, is this normal?

A 3 It is important when ‘detoxing’ to make sure that the body has sufficient fluids available to assist the process. Earlier testing using Kinesiology (muscle testing) showed that this client’s body was totally dehydrated, ie that the body did not have sufficient fluids available to it for its ‘normal’ processes, and this can present as a headache as the toxins are trying to release.

It is it important to understand why your body needs to be hydrated. Water is the medium in which substances flow through your body. It is important for you to maintain hydration, especially when using the ‘The New Road to Wellness ’ program to assist the body with the process of flushing out the toxins otherwise the toxins can be reabsorbed into the body or cells. I have long recommend consuming two (2) to three (3) litres of water a day and preferably with the addition of 20% Apple and Pear juice or Apple Pear and Raspberry juice to assist the absorption of the fluid into the body. (Apple and Pear Juice is available already mixed from most supermarkets and food chains). The addition of a small amount of ‘juice’ to your water assists with the absorption process as it is ‘recognised by the body and water alone is generally disposed of quite quickly by the kidney’s. Fresh juice may also be added.

There are three (3) individual areas which require hydration, they are the brain, the colon and the body.
Dehydration of the brain leads to foggy thinking and in some cases headaches, and memory problems.
Dehydration of the colon leads to the inside of the colon resembling an agricultural pipe which is clogged with a build-up of dried mud and has little room for waste matter to pass through.
Dehydration of the body results in dry skin, lines and wrinkles.

Q 4 My doctor says that one (1) bowel movement a day is ‘normal’, why do you recommend that I should have three?

A 4 The body is designed to eliminate the foods that it has ingested in a cyclic pattern to prevent the absorption of toxins from the faecal matter through the wall of the large intestine and the bowel. Western diets which are often mainly processed foods and are limited in the amount of fibrous matter which they contain do not lend themselves towards healthy bowel habits. The fibre in more natural diets provides the stimulation of the intestinal tract, and the ‘bulk’ to assist elimination.
The ‘Golden rule’ for bowel movements is one meal – one bowel movement, and the transit time for food you have eaten is that it should be eliminated from the body within twelve (12) to eighteen (18) hours.

Modern society shuns what used to be general conversation about the intestinal health of the body, and over the years has turned to laxatives to assist or attempt to correct poor bowel habits.
Autopsies have shown that obese people may hold up to 50lbs or 22 kilos of compacted faecal matter in their colon.

Q 5 Since I have been using the ‘The ‘Road to Wellness’ MP3 program, I have had ‘tastes’ of things I didn’t like .e.g. tomatoes that I was made to eat years ago is this normal?

A 5 The body ‘stores’ memories within the cells, and it is common for these memories to be released during a detox. They usually do not last long.

Q 6 I noticed an odd odour on my skin after playing the body cleanse / detox program and identified it as an anaesthetic smell, could this be true?

A 6 Yes, it is very common for the body to release through the skin odours of medications, cigarette usage (even for people who have stopped smoking many years ago) and even anaesthetics.

Q 7 I played the ‘The ‘New Road to Wellness’ MP3 or CD program two weeks ago and I noticed some mild aches and pains in my body a few days later.

A 7 Aches and pains may be the result of years of previous stresses and injuries which have affected the body, and which may have been stored in the muscles. As the body ‘detoxifies’ and releases these stored muscle toxins, you may experience some slight discomfort. It is recommend to consume some extra fluids to assist the body to ‘flush; these toxins out, and celebrate your return to health.

Q 8 I have noticed a couple of bouts of sweating since I used the ‘The ‘New Road to Wellness’ MP3 program is this usual.

A 8 The skin is the largest organ in the body, imagine taking two kidneys from the butchers and rolling them out with a large rolling pin, and then draping this thin ‘sheet’ over the body, basically that is your ‘skin’. We detox more toxins through our skin than we do through our kidneys on a daily basis. So during the detox process your body will eliminate more through your skin than at any other time.

Q 9 How do I know if I am constipated?

A9 The ‘Golden rule’ for bowel movements is one meal – one bowel movement, and the transit time for food you have eaten is that it should be eliminated from the body within twelve (12) to eighteen (18])hours. If you are not having three bowel movements a day you can consider yourself constipated. (See question 4 also)

Q 10 Can I use the detox program for my children?

A 10 Both the original and ‘The New ‘Road to Wellness’ MP3 programs are suitable for all ages from tiny babies to the elderly. Children’s bodies will complete the detox process in a much shorter time than their adult counterparts. Recently, a 2year old client completely detoxed in less than a week.

Q 11 I have used the ‘Detox in a box’ programs from the Health Food store before, how is your program different?

A 11 The ‘Detox in a Box’ programs involve taking numerous pills/ tablets or herbal compounds which are designed to activate a ‘cleansing process’ within the body. Many of them use magnesium oxide which in effect ‘liquefies’ some of the surface faecal matter which has built up in the colon and intestinal tract, and allows it to pass from the body. Many of these programs can have harsh side effects, i.e. diahorrea, stomach cramps, and feelings of lethargy or extreme tiredness.

Other programs cleanse just a specific organ i.e. the liver, or the gall bladder, and there have been concerns that some of these programs may ‘strip’ essential nutrients from the body.

‘The ‘New Road to Wellness’ MP3 program uses Vibrational sounds and frequencies and pure intention to communicate with the individual cells of the body and instructs them to regain their optimal health. The body is also instructed to remove any faecal matter older than 24 hours, this is also why having sufficient fluids available to the body is important, and it takes approximately 50 % of the fluid in a tea or coffee for example for the body to ‘deal’ with the tea or coffee, . Often people are not getting as much ‘fluid’ as they may think they are.

Q 12 Is it common to feel tired at times when I have listened to The ‘Road to Wellness’ MP3 program?

A 12 As the body ‘detoxes or cleanses’ it needs to work harder to cleanse it, and so may use more energy at certain times. If you feel tired a short (20) minute powernap will usually deal with this issue.

Q 13 I used to like milk drinks and since the detox / body cleanse program it makes me feel nauseous, is this normal?

A 13 Remember that the body has its own innate or natural intelligence; once you have detoxed your body it may be more sensitive to tastes, and the sensations of different foods. It may have a greater acceptance or desire of natural’ foods and reject other foods.

Some good examples of this are:-

• Feeling sick after drinking coffee with milk in it, but fine with black coffee.

• I took the lid off a tub of yoghurt and the smell of it made me feel ill.

• I had one mouthful of a carbonated fizzy drink and I suddenly felt that my stomach was rejecting it.

• And the most interesting of all, a young autistic teenager whose mother served him pasta with a cream sauce. He pushed the rich pasta dish away and went to the stove and helped himself to some plain pasta.

Q 14 I listened to The ‘New Road to Wellness’ MP3 program a couple of weeks ago and this week I have had a lot of odorous gas or wind.

A 14 Experiencing gas or wind is related to the body cleaning out old faecal matter which has been clogging the colon like a blocked agricultural pipe. Some of this old faecal matter depending on your age could be 30 to 40 years old.

Q15 As I have gone through The ‘Road to Wellness’ MP3 Program for the first 4 weeks I have noticed that my energy seems to come and go. Is this normal?

A15 As your body goes through the detox / cleanse phase and cleanses a myriad of aspects in your body it can only do this by using the natural energy of the body, so sometimes you will find that your energy may flag a little. A quick powernap may be necessary to get you through this period depending on your age. Once you complete the first detox / cleanse which could take weeks or months then this is always the most difficult phase depending on how unwell you are to start with. Once you are through this first phase then a quick top-up each month should keep you on the road to wellness and a New Younger You.

I felt that this question should be shared as it made me smile.

Q 16 A friend of mine shared some information with me on one of your new programs; who are you and how do you do what you do? Sorry that’s two questions, and asked with love.

A 16 Hi my name is Sheila and I am a mother, grandmother, great grandmother and in many instances a girl in a woman’s body. I have an inquiring mind, a need to know, and a passion to create solutions. I hope that helps.

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