Detoxing the Energetic Bodies


Based on the Sounds from Source sound no 112 Energetic Detoxing the Body which was created in 2008 to detox or cleanse the energetic levels of the body. Many people are unaware of the levels of energetic ‘garbage’ that we collect simply in being in our everyday lives. The Detoxing the Energetic Bodies program is designed to work with 9 Aspects of the Energetic Bodies rather than the PMSE of Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional.

My suggestions for utilising this program for Detoxing the Energetic Bodies is to use this program once a month to allow the body to follow a cycle of cleansing individual areas of the energetic fields during that 30 day cycle.  At 20 minutes long this program can be played on low to silent as you go about your day once a month.


Detoxing the Energetic Bodies Bonus

The Full Alignment Chakra Frequencies program contains specific energetic frequencies intended to align the seven chakras. This 11 minute and 25 seconds program can be played as desired; my recommendation is to have it on very low. It can be beneficial to play following the Detoxing the Energetic Bodies program.

FAQS (Frequent Asked Questions)

Q 1 I have been asked many times would you want or need to ‘detox’ your energetic bodies; I use meditations and I follow a spiritual path. Surely this is enough?. Unfortunately it is not. For those people on a spiritual path who are aware of the many layers of the ‘aura’ or ‘auric fields’ both physical and spiritual there are many areas where ‘stuff’ can attach to the individual ‘bodies’ be that ‘cosmic dust’ or actual attachments creating ‘imbalances’.

A 1 When I became aware of the levels of cleansing or detoxification of the energetic levels of the body as well as being able to detox or cleanse the physical components, this sound was a must.

Over the years of working with energies there have been more and more realisations can affect them. In creating a ‘new’ Detoxing the Energetic Bodies vibrational sound for the A New Younger You program it has I believe been possible to take it to new levels again.

*For those who do not want more information Play ONCE a Month regularly and more often if your body indicates that this is required.

If you are familiar with using Kinesiology or Muscle Testing either for yourself or with
another person or asking questions for yourself in another fashion you can ‘fine tune’
your use of the Detoxing the Energetic Bodies to suit yourself and your body.

Muscle Testing with another person

Q 2 What can I expect from the Detoxing the Energetic Bodies Program?

A 2 This could be called the $64,000 question. As everyone is individual, so are their bodies and their results will be equally as individual. As with all of the detoxification programs I have created over the years I have instructed the body that any detoxification be of a gentle nature and at a level that the individual can comfortably accommodate. Basically, my intention is that these programs are ‘self adjusting’ to the individual.
I will add in an ‘override’ here that these programs will not work if they are not played.

Am I being harsh? Actually, I am coming from a space of honesty and practicality, I have personally ‘bought’ programs in the past with the good intentions of ‘using / playing them’ and seriously ‘life has got in the way’.

One of the ‘good’ things about this program is it does not need to interfere with your life. You DO NOT need to sit and listen to the program, adorn yourself with headphones or ear buds. These programs have been created to work with vibration and can be played on very low to silent in the background if you wish.

Q 3 You said in Question 2 that I DO NOT need to sit and listen to the program, adorn yourself with headphones or ear buds. These programs have been created to work with vibration and can be played on very low to silent in the background if you wish. Can they have an effect on the other people in the house?

A 3 As I said previously ‘One of the ‘good’ things about this program is it does not need to interfere with your life. Although these programs have been created to work with vibration and can be played on very low to silent in the background if you wish they will not have an effect on anyone else unless they are ‘willing to accept them’.

Now if we take that statement a step further and give it some consideration I had said for many years that the ‘sounds’ as I call them worked like throwing a stone into a pond and having the ‘ripple effect’ go out. One day the body of consciousness that I have worked with since 2004 did a ‘sorry Sheila, you have got it wrong’.

What they explained to me was about morphogenic resonance and quantum physics (not my fields of expertise at all) and that ‘sound travels’ basically in waves. When you listen to or experience a ‘vibrational sound program your body basically ‘encodes’ the memory of the program within your cell structure. We can see this as ‘each of your cells’ contains the vibration that you have experienced.

Just as other people can ‘pick up’ on our thoughts and feelings they may also ‘pick up’ on the vibration encoded within your cells and as we are sentient beings or able to feel or perceive things, you may find that other people may have a ‘I wouldn’t mind whatever it is that (xyz) is having on a deeper cellular level.

If we take that statement a step further; often in You creating change in You that can have a flow on effect to other people, in the instance below I am basically looking at changes in the ‘physical’ energies of a young client which have a flow on effect on those around hi, We can take that many levels both deeper and higher when working with our energetic bodies.

I have used this explanation for a long time as I have spent years working with children: I see young ‘Johnny’ as a client and his behaviour improves.

Johnny goes off to school and has a good and non disruptive day in class. Johnny’s teacher goes home and she is ‘less stressed’ as she hasn’t had to fight with Jonny all day to keep him focused Johnny goes home and he has had a good day at school so he is in a good mood when he arrives home. Johnny’s mother who loves him dearly is less stressed after Johnny arrives home as he is in a good mood and not upset about the happenings at school. Johnny’s siblings quickly pick up on the changes in the household and are also more relaxed. Johnny’s Father arrives home to a more calm and settled family and the calmness flows on to him as well.

Q 4 Since I have been using the ‘Detoxing the Energetic Bodies program, I have noticed memories of things often long gone from this life surfacing: is this normal?

A 4 The body ‘stores’ memories within the cells, and it is common for these memories to be released during a ‘detox’ both physically and energetically. , They usually do not last for long, unless we need to be aware of them or to deal with them,.. Another explanation is that the body detoxes in the reverse order to which it has taken toxins both physical and energetic in.

This energetic detoxification can also pinpoint areas of our bodies where we may be deficient in electrolytes which I have found in addition to ‘tissue salts’ – see below may be of assistance to us in an ‘energetic detox’.

Electrolytes lost in high concentrations through sweat include sodium and chloride, while electrolytes lost in low concentrations include potassium magnesium and calcium. Tissue salts may be of benefit here. Tissue Salts are specially prepared micro-doses of the body’s 12 essential minerals. Tissue Salts are based on the original system developed by Dr H Schuessler, a German chemist and physician, who recognized that when the body is lacking one of these 12 essential minerals many common ailments may occur.

I had Tissue Salts recommended to me forty years ago and have used them since. In all instances please consult your Medical Practitioner.

Q 5 Can I use the Energetic detox program for my children?

A 5 Both the original and the new Energetic detox MP3 programs are suitable for all ages from tiny babies to the elderly, children’s bodies will often complete the detox process in a much shorter time than their adult counterparts.

Many ‘new’ children a I have been know to describe as ‘adults in small bodies’ and whether we refer to them as Indigo, Crystal, Star, Rainbow and so on children, or as I group them as ‘Special Children’ many of them will ‘pick up’ additional energies along their way.

Some years ago I created a series of ‘Special Children’ sounds through Sounds from
Source as I was aware of the ‘habits’ of a good many of these sensitive children to ‘invite’ things in during the night to keep them company and the fact that ‘many’ of these invitees did not leave.

Sensitive children often have difficulty in remaining ‘grounded’ and can also come under what I refer to as ‘The Tall Poppy Syndrome’ or TPS where they may be persecuted for being ‘special or different’

You may find that if you are playing the Detoxing the Energetic Bodies for yourself that sensitive children will we ‘wanting some of what you have.

I felt that this question should be shared as it made me smile.

Q 6 A friend of mine shared some information with me on one of your new programs; who are you and how do you do what you do? Sorry that’s two questions, and asked with love.

A 6 Hi my name is Sheila and I am a mother, grandmother, great grandmother and in many instances a girl in a woman’s body. I have an inquiring mind, a need to know, and a passion to create solutions. I hope that helps.

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